The GRESNA GORICA Taborgradska klet (the Taborgrad Wine-Cellar of The Hill ofAlder Security Sin) is placed on the hill opposite to Veliki Tabor, the 15th century castle, offening a visitor an atmosphere of a genuine Zagorje scenery and making him fell a part of the romantic and dramatic past of Hrvatsko Zagorje.

Whilst you will be enjoying the typical Zagorje meals, Mr. Damir Podboj, the kind host, will be more than pleased to entertain you with the legend of the tragic and forbiden love between the nobleman Friederich Of Celje and the beautiful plebeian girl Veronika of Desinic. This is why the hill bears the name of Gresna Gorica - the Hill of Sin.

srca_zelCenturies - old oak wood,the smell of meadows,the playful fawns and deers grazing freely on the slopes of the Gresna Gorica hill will make your stay joyful and relaxed whilst the children will enjoy playing in the place specially arranged for them.

The viinity of places like the Miljana Manor Hause,the sanctuary Vinagora, the Krapinske Toplice(spa), the health resorts in the neighbouring Slovenija, the ethno-village of Kumrovec, and before all the fameus VELIKI TABOR, a monument of the cultural heritage of the highest degree under the protection of UNESCO, will offer a bit to every visitor. Many visitors drop by not only for the above reasons but also forthe delicious meals offered in the Tabogradska klet.